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hey people
my weekend was very very FUN
and the last part not so good but thats ok
friday was so much fun
me jessica and nicole went to tristian and isolde
i love that movie i want to go see it again for the 3rd time
im so getting it when it comes out yep yep yep
well i love those girls and they make me so happy :)
they are hilarious
park :(
not so good
but yea that is pretty much it
but i really hope i go see that movie again
love jordan

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Lies...make it better
Lies...are forever
Lies...to go home to
Lies...to wake up to
Lies...from the altar
Lies...make you falter
Lies...keep your mouth fed
Lies...till your death bed...lies

Lies will come back to haunt you...
bullet proof your limousine
Lies will come back to haunt you...
hit and run a broken dream!

billy talent

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hey people like my new journal now it aint all EmO HAHAHA
well had a pretty good day...
LaNeY came over went to go get CaRoLiNe then went to josh s. house got BrEtT AND dEvIn
then went to MiLoS then went to WaL MaRt you can do anything at Wal MaRt
then dropped BrEtT off at JoSh S. house then came to my house CaRoLiNe and DeViN had to HIDE lol
then took CaRoLiNe home came back then dropped off DeViN at home then came home now doing nuthin
just bein bored so0o0
well if you want to do anything to night call me cause i aint got nuthin to do!
love jord
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    girls just want to have fun hahaha

hey hoe.<3

hey this is mollie.

i just did jordans journal-
since i love her so0 much♥

l0l-thanks to ellegance for the layout by the way.


& be sure and comment to tell jordan how much you love her.
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    ima show ya how 2 get yur shiine on.